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Steve Alvest


What if?

This was a really fun one to write :)

What if?

    1. What if your pets could talk?

    Many secrets will be made public.

    2. What if all cash in the world were redistributed evenly among everyone in the world tomorrow morning?

    I'm guessing that the rich will become rich again, and the poor will become poor again within a matter of weeks.

    3. What if everybody switched from fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies?

    Power outages would become a nightmare

    4. What if all guns on Earth were destroyed?

    Murders would become much more gory and brutal, but it would be harder to commit mass murder.

    5. What if everyone on Earth lived in one mega city?

    Interesting to consider that most of the Earth would become wilderness. At least some people would have to live outside the city though to farm for food and gather resources to support all the city dwellers.

    6. What if we could permanently destroy water to generate electricity?

    Although water is abundant on Earth, would we go down the path of destroying it for our own gain? What would happen to Earth's climate if we reduced the amount of water on the planet even by only 10%?

    7. What if we discovered intelligent life living in our solar system?

    Would we treat them as our equals? Or would we exploit them?

    8. What if another country dropped a nuclear bomb on your country?

    Would your country engage in all-out nuclear war with the risk of mutually assured destruction?

    9. What if we discovered without a doubt that there really is a Heaven and a Hell?

    Would we all become more religious and act more morally?

    10. What if you could know your exact day and time of death?

    How would you plan for your demise?

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