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What, if done daily, will improve my life?

What habits would greatly improve my life? 
What, if done daily, will improve my life?

    1. Journaling

    Writing down my problems/thoughts. Finding solutions to my problem and cleaning up my thoughts.

    Today I'm trying to work out how to deal with people who choose to be offended over my jokes and use that as justification for whatever retaliation they choose to give. Other than educating I guess I have to be able to defend myself. Offence is a choice, if you choose to see it as a stupid statement it doesn't hurt so much. If you choose to see it as an abstract event that never really happened, it hurts less. If you choose to not let words trigger you you'll be much happier. But if you choose to retaliate I'll have no choice but to defend myself. 

    The alternative is to stop joking, but I like joking. By staying silent I feel like I've had some of my freedom taken away and I don't want that. If they don't want to hear it they can block me. Easy solution that keeps everyone happy. 

    Then again maybe this will amount to nothing it usally does. Sure all will be fine. 

    2. Lifting weights

    I've started again and I'm already feeling a lot better. I'm not sure how to go about putting on muscle, but I'm happy enough just feeling healthier. 

    3. Idea lists

    I've got tons of content now thanks to this daily habit. My minds a lot calmer. I'm happier. Here's to even more awesome lists. 

    4. Sketch

    I want to make a little progress each day on Popeman

    It's a comic I think many will enjoy. 

    5. Play ukulele

    I've improved a lot over the years. I'm still doing the same ska beat, but that's what I enjoy. Keep that and I'll focus on improving other aspects like singing whilst playing.

    6. Talk

    I'm too good at staying silent, but I need to remind myself that that's not going to get me anywhere. Talking builds stronger bonds and strong bonds build a better life. Talk to someone every day. The more the better.

    7. Rest

    Don't allow yourself to burnout. Take a rest. 

    8. Sell

    Create something that can be sold or focus on selling what you have already made.

    If you want to live a happier life (who doesn't). I recommend my short guidebook 'The Rocco Effect - Set 1' 

    The Rocco Effect: Set 1

    9. Read

    I like to read a chapter before bed. My subconscious can process it as I sleep and I can start the next day a little bit better. 

    10. Listen to a podcast

    Always a great way to learn something new. 
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