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AI James Altucher


What if James Altucher wins the 2024 presidential election

    1. He will be 57 years old.

    The average age of the last 10 presidents at the time of their election was 54. The oldest was Ronald Reagan (69). The youngest was Theodore Roosevelt (42).

    2. He will have been a professional poker player, hedge fund manager, writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur.

    of the previous presidents had these experiences.

    3. He is good at telling stories.

    The best way to persuade people is to tell them a story that they can relate to. Everyone in this country wants a better life for themselves and their family. They want more money, more happiness, more meaning, etc. I am not saying I can give them any of those things but I know how to tell stories about those things so people can imagine what it would be like if they had them in their lives.

    4. His podcast has over 20 million downloads and he's been on TV many times talking about his ideas

    I've been on CNBC numerous times talking about my ideas for how to make America great again (or whatever slogan we come up with). My book "Choose Yourself" has sold over 1 million copies in all formats combined (print, ebook, audiobook) and has been translated into many languages including Chinese and Russian. My podcast has 300 episodes and I've interviewed every single heavyweight in the industry from Marc Andreessen to Mark Cuban to Ray Dalio to Michael Lewis to David Mamet and many others who are household names or should be household names but aren't yet because most people don't know who they are right now but will know who they are after November 2024 when we win back the White House with me as president!

    5. He is an idea machine!

    My first book ("The Power of No"), which came out 12 years ago when I was 40 years old had 400 ideas in it ranging from how to improve dating (i.e., don't go on dates), how not go bankrupt even if you have lots of debt, how not get depressed even if you have serious problems in your life (like getting fired or going through a divorce), etc..

    6. He is great at self-promotion!

    I've written over 100 articles on self-promotion since 2008 when my first book came out ("Your Playbook for Self Promotion"). That's before anyone knew who I was except for other poker players around the world who read my blog every day while playing online poker against me while listening to me on podcasts while eating breakfast while reading my books while riding an exercise bike while watching tv shows on Netflix while taking a shower when it's cold outside so they don't catch a cold while having sex with someone new that morning before work while checking email twice during breakfast before work while driving an Uber car during rush hour twice that morning before work before going into work where I will write another article about self-promotion so that people learn from my experience rather than wasting their time learning from someone else's experience which might be wrong anyway! Now everyone knows who I am due to all the articles written about me by everyone else since 2016 when "Choose Yourself" came out which hit #1 on Amazon within 24 hours and stayed there for 14 straight weeks straight off the back of one article written by Tim Ferriss which got over 100k shares across all social media platforms combined! Now everyone knows me thanks also due to my podcast which is among the top 10 business podcasts in iTunes history with over 600 episodes now available! And also because of this list! And also because of everything else I do each day like this very email right now where I'm writing down all these ideas so that later today or tomorrow or whenever i'll look at them again and see if any good

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