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What if there was a third sex?


(Image source: Proyecto Agua on Flickr.com)

    1. Fathering children and pregnancy would be more prone to error

    2. Families would be more stable and have more resources at their disposal

    3. Two people could be together and still be single if they are missing the third

    4. Sexuality would be more varied

    5. There would be different forms of homosexuality

    6. What would the connector, which requires three parts, look like in concrete terms?

    Or would the act of love happen sequentially? Perhaps there would also be some kind of spawning (like in fish and amphibians).

    7. Within the relationship, there would be changing alliances: two against one

    8. Each child would have nine grandparents

    9. No sex would be able to be dominant in the long run

    Unless there were also significant size differences

    10. The teachings about sex and gender in our universities would be more reasonable

    11. Perhaps clear gender roles would be needed to make a distinction possible

    Or one would only learn the sex of another person upon request

    12. Relationships would be more tenable because it would be harder to find everyone involved

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