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What if your life was like a TV show?

Like many 80s kids I likely spent way too much time watching television. It's probably a good thing my life hasn't turned out anything like my favorite TV shows or their heroes. But what if it had?

What if your life was like a TV show?

    1. The A-Team

    Come to find out you really can make a living as a 'Soldier of Fortune", or the slightly more politically correct "Private Military Contractor". In fact, there is more opportunity today than there has ever been. Besides being a vigilante who is always on the side of good can be fun. However, being a fugitive probably sucks much more. As a kid I really tried to emulate Templeton "Face Man" Peck. The problem was that I'm much more the H.M Murdock type.

    2. MacGyver

    This character is an often lot like a cross between being an international spy and a boy scout. Never did figure out how to get some shadowy organization to pay me for that job. But hey, maybe it's not too late.

    3. Knight Rider

    If the Foundation wants to give me a computer on wheels to drive around and solve mysteries, I'm all in. Eventually I think I would just let KITT do all the work. As long as Bonnie keeps being nice to him it should work out fine.

    4. The Highwayman

    So, you're going to let me drive around in a tractor trailer, act more or less like a vigilante, but yet give me some sort of broad federal law enforcement cover. Sure. That can't possibly end badly for both me and the organization.

    5. Dukes of Hazzard

    What was their job again? No one really seems to know. Staying just a little bit more than the law would allow seems like a lot of fun. And I tore up a lot of dirt roads trying to get my Ford Escort to fly but I haven't been able to find cops that incompetent yet. Better stay on the straight and narrow for now.

    6. The Fall Guy

    Even as a kid, I knew that bail bond enforcement was a thing. I also knew that most bondsmen did their own hunting for absconders. I didn't have any interest in being a bondsman. And the bounty hunters I'd met (yes, I had met a few) were either pensioners or did it part time. So even that part of the show rang true to me. But if I'm going to chase fugitives, I need a little bit more formality and legality on my side.

    7. Remington Steele

    Ah, Mr. Steele. Another confidence man with a heart of gold. This one is still definitely possible. Replace old movie trivia with nerdy trivia and find myself an extremely competent assistant who does most of the work. Maybe this could be a retirement gig?

    8. Bring'Em Back Alive

    The idea of making my living in the out of doors always appealed to me. Still does. But the 90s weren't the 30's and most of the tropical rainforest were not good places to be. And Singapore was all grown up by then. Guess i missed my chance.

    9. Emergency

    Cheating with a 70's show but it was still on in re-runs so I'm going to count it. I've done my share of firefighting and have been in EMS over 30 yrs. at this point. And yes, we used to have contests to see who could flip the plastic covers off the pre-filled syringes the highest. Johnny gave us all bad habits. So, in a way, you could say this one worked out. But I've never worked for a large municipal fire-based agency, so my experience has also been very different.

    10. Mike Hammer

    Was just talking about this today. With today's criminal justice system being what it is in too many places, we all might end up needing a little more of Mike's style of justice before too long. I'm just not that great at throwing a punch.

    11. Airwolf

    While I can qualify as aircrew, my vision wouldn't allow me to be a military pilot. Who knows if "The Agency" has the same restrictions. But like I've said before, if you want to give me go-fast, high-tech toys to chase bad guys, sign me up! And the Lady comes with rockets too. But I have NO idea where I could keep her hidden. But the challenge might be fun.

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