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Collin Harness


What is going to happen 50 years from now?

    1. Planes are going to be supersonic and electric

    Electric cars are being developed. The next frontier is air travel. Planes will get faster and more fuel efficient.

    2. The divide between the rich and poor will become dramatically bigger

    Although the 'poorest' of the world will be richer than they are today.

    3. There will be more vaccines that prevent more disease: HIV, Herpes maybe even cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers etc.

    Drugs will tailored to your genetics and more vaccines will be produced to prevent more and more diseases.

    4. Human will be able to watch movies/shows in the Metaverse

    Lots of things will happen in the Metaverse. Concerts, movies, meetings. Think The Matrix.

    5. There will be a space station on the moon

    Blue origin, SpaceX, NASA will work together to create a station on the moon.

    6. I will be 83 years old

    33 this year.

    7. Most people will opt to go to a University online

    The majority of people will not want to pay/borrow a state or private University cost. They will just get certified for most professions online through Coursera and start working.

    8. The US government will not have changed much

    Even though the parties are not that different, they still work not work together, because each party wants credit for passing legislation. They will continue to not work together so not much will change. Except more gov spending with the gov growing larger.

    9. There will be a female president

    Predicting that the first female President will be Republican

    10. They will create a robotic maid to clean homes/offices

    Robots will be used for tasks that people do not have time to do. Mow the lawn, clean, fix things.

    11. Majority of malls will be converted to apartments

    Apartments, storage units, gyms, restaurants, event spaces.

    12. The world will still have problems with Russia even after Putin is gone.

    13. Israel will not have separated from Palestine

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