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What is luck?

I read somewhere that those who believe they are lucky, experience more luck and those that see themselves us unlucky miss a lot of opertunities. 

* The one list where everything gets deleted after writing it. Glad to see the luck god had a sense of humour. 

This list is to help tune my focus on seeing more lucky opertunities i

    1. Family

    I recently moved back in with my parents. They're asking for nothing. It's a step back, but it beats being homeless or living somewhere I don't want to be. Lots don't get on this well with their family. It's lucky that I know mines always there should I need them. 

    Luck is having a good relationship with your family. 

    2. Published 3 books

    I was really bad at English in high school. Since then I've taught it. Won an award for being an exceptionally good teacher. And writing and published three books. Those that have read them, love them.

    Luck is doing the impossible 

    3. Great body

    This year I've kept barbells in my living room and bedroom. Since then I've been working out more than I ever have and looking great as a result. Lift a few reps whenever you enter /leave the room, you'll be fit in no time. 

    Luck is making good habits easier 

    4. Sold an animation

    I studied animation at university. I didn't have any luck finding a job, but I have had luck in doing short animations for friends. Maybe my focus should be freelancing instead of looking for jobs.

    Luck is being unique 

    5. Freedom

    I've cut down my work hours. I save. I have friends from all walks of life. If I want to do something, I usally can or know what needs done in order to get there. 

    Luck is having more freedom in your life. 

    6. Survived covid

    Not only did I survive, I only had a fever and a runny nose for two days. I'm not vaxinated, but I focused on keeping myself as healthy as possible. 

    Luck is having good health 

    7. Solved grandads cyper

    Since his death over 20 years ago, noone has solved it. I relised it would be easy with some program help so that's what I did. Solved in a day. 

    Luck is seeing help that others are blind too 

    8. No lockdowns

    We're all lucky to be able to live our lives again. 

    Luck is having your government make good choices 

    9. Happy

    I'm the happiest person most of my friends know. I've achieved this level of happiness through a lot of small habits. 

    Luck is knowing the secrets to a happier life. 

    10. Making it to ten

    I made it to ten. I often make it to ten. 

    Luck is pushing yourself a little bit further. 

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