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What is luck? - Luck Factor - takeaways

I thought I'd take notes as I go on this book. 

    1. Luck is being social

    The more you interact with others the higher the chance of great things happening. 

    2. Luck is talking to strangers

    The more people you know the better you're chances of meeting people that can help improve your life. 

    3. Luck is smiling

    We all like happy people more. The more you smile the more others will like you. The more they like you the higher your chance that they'll improve your life. 

    4. Luck is eye contact

    Show people you're listening and you care about what they have to say. Eye contact shows that you're confident as well. Caring and confident are both characteristics everyone loves. 

    5. Luck is open body language

    Show that you're not scared and that you feel safe around whoever you're talking to. If you open up, they'll feel better about opening up themselves. When we're open with someone we feel a lot closer to them. 

    6. Luck is strong relationships

    Talk to old friends. Keep the flame alive with everyone you meet. You never know when you might need them. 

    7. Luck is being relaxed

    Luck isn't trying so hard to get the results you want, but accepting whatever comes your way. 

    Spend all night chasing one girl or relax, talk to everyone and see where the night goes. One is far more lucky than the other. 

    8. Luck is trying new things

    Listen to a new type of music. Take a new walking route. Shop somewhere new. Talk to a different type of person. The more you expand your horizons the larger your chances of finding luck. 

    9. Luck is listening to your gut

    Our subconscious sees alot more than we are aware of. How often has your gut instinct been right? Our guts good at reading people and making decisions. Put more trust in it. 

    10. Luck is having a clear head

    This can be done through meditation, Journaling, writing lists, talking to someone. Get those thoughts out of your head and you'll have more space to focus on luck. 

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