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What is proof of humanity?

We bit into the forbidden fruit, so what do we have beyond the gift of total knowledge?

    1. We have the ability to love

    We can love, we can feel empathy, we can care about others. This is proof that we are human. No other species has this ability.

    2. We have the ability to think for ourselves

    This is not always true, but most humans have the ability to question authority and make their own decisions. This is proof of humanity.

    3. We are capable of creating

    Humans create art, stories, music, writing, inventions, businesses, etc. Other species do not do this and so this is a sign of humanity.

    4. We are capable of asking deep questions about our existence and trying to answer them

    This is proof of humanity because no other species does this. When a cat looks at the night sky and wonders what those lights are or why they move around so much it's not "thinking" about it in the way humans do. Humans ask WHY all the time whereas most animals don't even realize there IS a "why".

    5. We have agency (we can act)

    Agency means that we can act in ways that benefit us and others beyond just survival needs (like eating or sleeping). Humans take action to get what they want out of life beyond just survival needs (even if those wants are destructive). This is proof of humanity because no other creature on earth has this trait outside of humans.

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