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What is Rage? (2 min 13 sec)

    1. Rage is a disguised form of fear.

    Rage, an intense expression of anger, is rooted in fear. Rage stems from a lack of love, both for yourself and others.

    2. We're afraid because we haven't made up our minds.

    3. Made up our minds about what?

    Fear arises from an "undecided mind" - an uncertainty about choosing love or fear in any situation. "Making up our minds" is our conscious decision to embrace love instead of fear.

    4. Conflict arising from an undecided mind.

    5. Any area of our lives where friction is present indicates areas where we have chosen fear over love.

    Job loss:
    Instead of:  Saying that I'm afraid of losing my job.
    Try: I haven't made up my mind about whether I want to continue to work here or work somewhere else.
    Relationship conflict:
    Instead of: I'm afraid my partner doesn't love me anymore.
    Try: I haven't decided how I want to nurture love in this relationship.
    Decision paralysis:
    Instead of: I'm terrified of making the wrong choice.
    Try: I haven't clarified my priorities regarding this decision.
    Health concerns:
    Instead of: I'm scared of getting sick.
    Try: I haven't fully committed to making healthy choices because of fear.
    Creative block:
    Instead of: I'm afraid my work won't be good enough.
    Try: I haven't explored my creative expression without fear.
    Financial pressure:
    Instead of: I'm worried about not having enough money.
    Try: I haven't explored all possibilities and aligned my spending with my values.

    6. When we encounter friction, rest assured we haven't made clear decisions about what truly matters to us.

    Which areas of your life are you currently experiencing conflict?
    In those situations, have you identified a fear you haven't addressed?
    Can you reframe these fears as unresolved choices between love and fear?
    Are you willing to consciously choose love even when it feels challenging?
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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