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What is science

I've seen too many people believe that science= truth and it annoys me.  It's almost right, but I disagree.

    1. What is truth?

    What I mean by truth is truth in a religious sense.  Absolute truth that never changes.  For example God created the universe like this....  This remains true then, now and into eternity.  I don't believe it's true, but many due and that's the level of truth I'm talking about.  Is it even possible to know that level of truth?

    Science doesn't work like that.  Science moves closer to the truth, but it never reaches absolute level.  At best it reaches 99.999...% true.  And even at that we'd never know.

    2. Scientific truths

    But what about atoms.  If one hydrogen atom mixes with two oxygen it makes water everytime.  That's absolute truth.

    But what if it didn't?  What if smaller particles are found which can be manipulated to change atoms?  Alchemy.  Absolute truths can't be proven wrong, but that would prove it wrong, meaning that it was never absolute.  But that may never happen, does that mean it is absolute?  I think it's better to see it as 99.999...% true leaving a small possibility that you could be wrong.

    3. Basis for probability thinking

    Science is always changing.  Earth was the centre of the universe, then it was the sun (the biggest planet in the universe), then the sun's a star, then it's a relatively small star, it's not the universe that revolves around the sun it's just our solar system... What was believed as truth has constantly changed throughout history.  It would be ignorant to assume we're the generation that's finally reached absolute truth.

    If it's debunked it was never true, right? But it would be wrong to assume that they are all equal what we have now is far more true than what we had in the past, despite not being absolute truth.  This point's too a truth scale, hence why I use percentages.

    4. Dangers of absolute truth belief

    First of if you already know there's no need to question.  And once you stop questioning, you stop learning.

    It becomes a cult.  The science is true, but it's far too complicated for my little mind to understand, so I'll trust the wise man that understands, the scientists.  They're humans, they can lie, but you'll never know.  These lies can be used to affect our lives for the worse, but If the basis is truth then it's for the best.

    The pandemic is a good case study of were trusting the science can lead.

    5. So what is science?

    It's not about finding absolute truth (that's impossible), it's about proving preconceived truths false and moving closer towards the absolute truth.

    6. Why I decided to write this

    I posted something similar to the last idea on Facebook.  I was hit back by a lot of friends and managed to tweak my wording and get it closer to the truth, a lot like how the scientific method works, I stated a claim, experimented and moved a little closer to the truth as a result.  This list serves as a second experiment that will continue that path forward.

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