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What is something you are good at doing but don't enjoy?

Oh, there are many things I'm good at, but don't enjoy. Why limit it to one?

    1. Accounting / Bookkeeping

    I've been in business for 50 years. Accounting and Bookkeeping are the fundamental activities that help a business grow and prosper. By keeping good books, a business can also minimize the IRS tax burden. Banks love a great Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

    So why am I good at it? Straight A's in Accounting classes in college. (It was so long ago that we were still using adding machines with yards of paper tape.)

    Why don't I enjoy it? Making the book entries, even with current automated retrieval of information, is a drudge. Make an entry, Classify it. Double-check the results. Next.

    When I force myself to get busy with the books, I usually use my version of the Pomadoro method. I set a timer, nose to the grindstone, and rest when the timer ends. I try to "beat" the clock with entries.

    Here is a ready-made timer: https://pomofocus.io/

    2. Writing

    I think I'm a pretty good writer. I have written hundreds of blog posts, a few books, and many articles.

    But, as Steven Pressfield writes in "The War of Art", when it comes time to actually write, the Universe begins to stack up dozens of barriers and roadblocks to the actual writing. (A pdf version of his book: https://bit.ly/3PxkqxY)

    I'm an Amateur because I wait for inspiration, but the Universe doesn't provide any.

    The Professional simply gets towork regardless of inspiration.

    3. Woodworking

    I'm actually not very good at this, and when I can actually work at it, I enjoy it.

    But, my "shop" is cluttered, disorganized, and not very fun to work on projects.

    Whose fault is this? Mine, of course.

    Because I'm also pretty good at cleaning and organizing, but I REALLY don't like doing that!

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