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Hasham Vakani


What is the bravest thing you have ever do?

After surviving as a regular laborer in the local market in Pakistan for almost 5 years, I decided to learn something to improve my life and contribute to society by working on myself.

That's not a particularly brave deed for someone, but thinking outside the box at the age of 19 was difficult in a world where everyone was competing for money. I want to acquire happiness rather than money by discovering what I'm passionate about.

Long story short, I began learning everything online by purchasing an approx $50 laptop, and now, after two years of freelancing in the business as a Developer, I have gained a lot of respect from the globe and have many more goals to reach. 🎯

I contributed significantly to numerous products, and the best part was that I assisted many senior developers in resolving issues in the codebase, which made me feel like, "Cool man, you're doing great, just keep pushing forward with more concentration and consistency." 💯

Note: I'm no longer using the $50 laptop, but it's still there to remind me where I started. 🪄

Thank you for taking the time to read this far.

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