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What is the one thing that, if you focused on it exclusively, would change your life the most in 10 years and 10 reasons how it would impact you

    1. Travel

    Would make me more worldly and broaden my perspective. Would also force me to problem solve and deall with uncertain situations and people. Definitely get out of my comfort zone

    2. Socializing

    Would force me to focus outward and overcome my anxiety about being boring or awkward and get me to learn new things. Also make me deal with confrontation, discomfort, and hurt feelings

    3. Cooking

    Force me to figure things out with food which can be difficult but rewarding once mastered. If I get good enough to feed other people it would be the confidence and the joy that I can truly be of service to other people

    4. Dancing

    Fitness. I think it would also give a spiritual and emotional boost. I actually love dancing but rarely do it because I am self conscious and don't have a partner

    5. Exercising

    I would be healthier than I have ever been. I have almost never exercised in my entire life or gone to a gym

    6. Dating

    Related to socializing but with a more obvious goal. It would force me to overcome anxieties about love and sex, awkward and upsetting situations but get me out of my comfort zone, and actually meet people.

    7. Professional Networking

    I have been very lucky to be have a stable government job, I have never made the investments in a professional network that one should. It would be the confidence that I can go out there and get a job if I needed to, a confidence that I have always lacked.

    8. Public Speaking

    I spend a lot of time "public speaking" in my head. I think it be amazing to be good at it in real life. I would be in a position to inform, entertain and enrich other people

    9. Vocational Handyman skills

    I can't fix anything. It would give me the confidence that I can take care of things and don't have to pay money to someone else to do basic things.

    10. Writing

    If I focused on writing I would increase my ability to express myself, formulate thoughts and gather and organize information

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