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What is worth earning money on this weekend?

H/T @harnessmoney

This came from an inspired list of things that people may find it worth spending money on. If that's the case, then maybe it should be you providing the goods or services they find worthwhile.

    1. Yardwork

    Mostly just sweat equity involved here. Often times you can even ask to borrow the homeowner's equipment.

    2. Housecleaning

    Same as above. My spouse and I are attempting to hire the right team to beat our rat's nest of chaos back into shape as I write this.

    3. First Class travel experience.

    What exclusive, high-end locations or experiences are near you? Can you provide a guide and /or concierge service that connects travelers with these places?

    4. Designing better clothes

    Have you ever had an idea for a better pair of pants? Or how can I make this shirt more comfortable? Can you sew? Do you know people who can sew? The demand for more comfortable, affordable, or useful clothing will never end. The market may seem overcrowded, but there is always room for one more.

    5. Do you have broad shoulders?

    While being a therapist requires years of specialized training and is invaluable; sometimes people just need a friendly, non-judgmental person to listen to them. Can you be that companion? Maybe as a caregiver. Maybe as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels or similar services aimed at shut ins.

    6. Auto mechanics / auto detailing

    Good mechanics are always in demand. And who doesn't like a clean car.

    7. Computer tech

    While most everybody can use a least the basic functions of a computer and they are extremely common, they are still a considerable expense for most people and are not viewed as consumable or disposable goods. (Wow, was that a run-on of a sentence.) This is where competent repair and service personnel come in.

    8. Signed or individualized writing

    Any time you publish in the physical space, and lately in many digital domains as well, it is possible to provide buyers with signed or personalized copies of your work. This can give a perceived increase in value or desirability. That in turn, can be reflected in a greater demand or a higher asking price.

    9. Quality gifts

    Do you have the knack for creating something special? Or are you adept at finding the exotic but perfect gift for anyone? In either case, there is a high demand for what you have to offer. In practically any gift giving occasion, I wish there was someone I knew was guaranteed to provide the perfect gift. I struggle mightily here.

    10. Dinner with friends

    Can you cook? Are you a wizard at dinner planning? Imagine how excited someone would be if they knew next weekend they were going to have a comfortable, relaxing meal with some of their closest friends. And there would be no stress planning it. Everyone invited only had to be concerned with showing up and having a good time. How much is that worth? Let us know after hosting a few stress-free evenings for happy and thankful clients.

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