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Bill Bergeman


What is your biggest dream? List 10 steps you can take to make that dream a reality in one month.

I dream of permanently living on the road while camping, hiking, and running on as many mountains as possible.

    1. Practice using less stuff at home (kitchen supplies, perishables, clothing, housing amenities, etc.) to get used to having and using less and identify what I can get rid of.

    2. Start selling and getting rid of any possessions I'm not going to take with me.

    3. Look into upgrading my camping equipment.

    4. Consider purchasing a small travel trailer and research brands.

    5. Start interviewing VAs to help run my business.

    6. Plan a weeklong road and camping trip to practice being on the move and how I can keep up my critical daily habits and responsibilities while doing it.

    7. Go out and hike on a mountain every morning to get the feel of doing it as a daily routine.

    8. Practice being disconnected from the internet, phone/text, and my business for a day to determine how it feels and how being disconnected this long could affect my life.

    9. Connect with a community of people online who live this sort of lifestyle.

    10. Circle a date on the calendar at which time I will make this happen. Then do it!

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