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What is your biggest dream? List 10 steps you can take to make that dream a reality in one month.

I have a personal 5 year plan (that I am still figuring out!) but I have another idea that will fit this challenge.

This will be "how to create a music emporium business in one month." I am a strong believer in "don't quit your day job " because I have burned myself a few times by doing that. For this challenge to be completed there would need to be no plan B.

What is your biggest dream? List 10 steps you can take to make that dream a reality in one month.

    1. Week one: visit the local small business center and tell them of my goals

    They will give me resources and maybe contacts 

    2. Ask SCORE for recommendations

    They will give me ideas as well.

    3. Even though this will be a “sprint “ don’t give up exercise or proper sleep

    Good ideas come while exercising. Also if I don't sleep enough I am pretty useless on the next day.

    4. Use AI to help create a business plan

    5. Use AI to help come up with ideas for decorating the facility

    6. Week 2: reach out to people in my network to get feedback and support

    Unfortunately my network is pretty small but I will reach out. I have friends from college that might be interested in this project.

    7. Since this is a location based business start a mailing list of local people that would be interested

    8. Hire a local marketing expert to build interest using social media

    I am not good at this

    9. Week 3: locate a facility to lease

    This will ideally be a standalone building where some noise can be made and performances can be given 

    10. Raise money

    Get an account started to cover the build out.

    11. Week 3-4: Build out the facility

    This is not realistic to do in a week but why not.

    12. Week 4: buy equipment and install

    13. Day 30: open for business!

    14. Week one: take a 4 week vacation from my day job

    Get started while still having a paycheck!

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