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What is your favorite or most memorable TED Talk?

I might stray from Ted talks, as I don't have many memorable ones, but I'll try my best to keep to Ted talks. 

    1. The 3 A's of awesome

    I love this. The simple exercise of noticing all the small things that make you happy can really change your life. If you're feeling down I highly recommend this. 

    2. Does anyone really like teamwork?

    I love wind ups and this is one of the best. If you're looking for a laugh give this a watch. 

    3. The boy crisis

    A good insight as to the current state of men. 

    4. 100 days of regection

    Great experiment to try if you want to boost your confidence. If I feel that I shouldn't say /do something (and it won't harm me/others) I do it. Things are never as bad as you imagine. 

    5. Define your fears

    Fear is a great motivator. Know what you're scared of so you can work on avoiding it. 

    6. Refraining

    The first non Ted talk. Just the knowledge of framing will help change your life. 

    7. Alchemy

    I loved his book. He teaches us that felling beat facts most of the time. 

    8. Facing the dragon

    I love this guys videos. If you enjoyed the original spiderman films I highly recommend this. 

    9. Be toxic

    The benifits of being a man. 

    10. The original Ted talk

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