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What I've learnt in the last few years

What have I learnt since being back in Scotland.

    1. It's all propaganda

    I thought that a lot was during covid, but the more I saw the more I realised that it's all pushing a narrative.  It's not just the news TV shows and films are doing this as well.

    If you pay attention you can see patterns appearing everywhere all around the same time.

    I've stopped watching so I'm not sure what's being pushed now, but I bet it's being pushed everywhere.

    2. All data's bad

    They only show data to help push their narrative.  Most data is read badly and assumptions are built on those bad readings.

    Factfulness is a great book about this.

    3. Don't lend money

    I've lent a lot of money to people I thought where good friend's.  They forget to pay you back and after a certain point they just assume it's been so long that they don't need to pay back.  If I can't trust them I'm better off trusting noone.

    4. Live alone

    Roommates just don't work.  I've had one I got on with well and I get on well with my family.  But for the most part I'm happier alone than dealing with others.

    5. I need to use my brain to be happy

    Lists are a great example.  If I push myself to really think I'll end up happier.  If I work on projects I'm happy.  If I don't push myself to think depression quickly takes hold.

    6. Feelings beat facts

    People act on how something makes them feel, not if it's true.  When you realise this people's auctions make far more sense.
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