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Steve Alvest


What just doesn't make sense to you??

    1. Why my dog won't eat his dog food, but is very willing to eat random poop he finds outside

    We had to buy a muzzle so my dog won't eat garbage, poop, and dead things off the ground while walking... yet he's not interested in the dog food we put out for him.

    2. Why old men get penile enlargement surgery

    My wife used to work as a nurse in post-op care. There are many 55-75 year old out of shape men who come in for penile enlargement surgery. That kind of surgery itself is so gruesome I would never recommend it for anyone, no matter their age. It involves effectively slicing the penis in half, and carries a very high infection rate.

    3. How it would take 4-8 weeks to remove my email address from an email list

    Isn't the email list removal process automated? I suspect people who do this are just trying to tell you, "no, we're not going to remove you from the list, and we hope you'll forget you ever unsubscribed after a couple months."

    4. Why people play lottery

    Why spend money on something that you have a one in 300 million chance of winning, when there are so many other risky things to do with your money with much higher chances of succeeding? (I heard GameStop stock and Shiba Inu coins are good buys...)

    5. Why Americans need freedom to own and openly carry assault rifles

    I don't go hunting, but I recognize it's important for some people to have rifles for hunting. I also recognize that many people believe they should have guns for self defense and for the off-chance that Canada invades the US. But aren't assault rifles overkill? Okay, even if there are valid uses for assault rifles (like that you need to kill enough deer to feed your family of 20), why do we need the freedom to openly carry those guns into Starbucks?

    6. Why people take part in dangerous social media "challenges"

    Remember "planking"? So many people fell to their deaths just to get a nice picture of themselves doing something stupid. Or the wife who shot her husband to death by firing a gun point blank at him while he was holding a bible for defense? Or the recent one about cooking chicken with Nyquil? Why? What do you gain by doing this??

    7. Why we can no longer get at least 2/3 of the population to rally behind someone for president of the USA

    You would think with everyone connected on the internet it would be easy to get a single candidate to "go viral" and pick up support from a majority of people. But instead, the country has grown more fragmented.

    8. How someone could get so angry at a minor thing that they would sabotage the rest of their life

    Road rage incidents come to mind. Person A cuts off person B in traffic. Person A gets angry and decides to pull out a gun and shoot person B. Person A goes to jail for 20 years.

    9. Why billionaires still strive for more money

    If I had a billion dollars, you definitely wouldn't be seeing me on the news... or at work.

    10. Discrete math

    It still doesn't make sense to me.

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