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What just doesn't make sense to you??

    1. Why do we only have 2 real political parties in America?

    2. Why does each party disagree on everything?

    3. How did science go from - "It changes all the time and we learn new things every year" to "TRUST THE SCIENCE"?

    This is also political.

    4. Why going into debt is supposed to be bad for people, but every single government in the world is going into more and more debt?

    5. Why life in the Western World has never been easier, but people are more depressed than ever?

    Easier in the sense that less manual labor. More access to information. Better technology, etc.

    6. Why we know social media is AWFUL for young people, but we still allow them to use it?

    7. Why people are so superficial?

    You don't need the latest thing. It will be a dopamine hit in the short-term but doesn't fill any void after that.

    8. Why people are so hypocritical?

    Celebrities talk about global warming, but take private jets when they could drive for 30 minutes? Or people who are so concerned about the environment, but get 3 amazon packages a day?

    9. Why we make children work so hard when they are little

    They make them sit in a chair for 8 hours a day listening to someone. They should be messing around more and building things.

    10. Why are people so judgemental?

    Like me judging everyone in this list?

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