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What led you to start using AI when other people have not yet used it at all?

This is a difficult question for me to answer because I'm still not clear on what is meant by the term AI. I do not believe, or have seen evidence of sentience. And models like ChatGPT seem to just be a natural evolution of large scale data compilers. 

What led you to start using AI when other people have not yet used it at all?

    1. I am not an early adopter in most cases.

    2. I am always curious and enjoy experimenting.

    3. I’m also usually not the first, or even the forty first, to hear about the “next great thing.”

    4. But when something catches on, I try to at least be informed.

    I try not to let others tell me what to think. 

    5. ChatGPT 3.5 (I think) was my first intentional AI interaction.

    I'd probably used a chat bot or some other similar programming without realizing it. Like the AI prompts available on NotePD.

    6. I wanted to experience it. Not be told about it.

    7. Although I can see both the pitfalls and progress AI can bring to many endeavors, that was not my goal.

    When you get a new car, what's the first thing you do? For me, it's try out all the knobs, buttons, and controls. How does this thing work? Then I go for a drive. No destination. Just drive. Fast. Slow. Straight. Curves. Etc.

    8. But it was by listening to other leaders in the field that I realized that the AI predictive algorithm is only the tool.

    9. It is the ability to compose, modify, simplify, or expand your queries and instructions that allow AI to perform.

    10. Prompt Composition was born.

    I like it better than Engineering.😎

    11. I compare my AI journey to a similar path I took with cryptocurrency.

    I became aware in the early teens of 21. I only became truly interested when the mainstream started talking about it in 2017-18. I got in. Experimented. And made enough mistakes to earn some scars and pay my dues. But I'm still in.

    12. AI will only become more capable and prevalent.

    The quicker I can adopt AI into my daily practices, the sooner I can find the correct use cases for me.

    13. I cherish and purposefully use many of the old ways.

    But ignoring the new benefits no one.

    14. What happens when AI starts prompting it’s fellow AI directly?

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