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What Love Is Not. (3:41 min. read)

Let's be honest, no one can adequately describe the meaning of love.
Love is not to be defined, it's to be experienced.
However, there's a lot of meat on this bone.
Let's dive in.

    1. The benefits of describing what Love isn't.

    Describing what Love isn't is useful in arriving at what Love is.
    It also helps to eliminate incorrect or irrelevant information and focus on the real attributes that clarify what Love is.

    2. Let's first eliminate any ideas that do not fit the criteria of Love.

    Remembrance (not love)

    Recalling or retaining memories, thoughts, or experiences of a person, event, or things that have passed. 
    The process of actively bringing to mind past experiences or events, and holding onto them in the present. 

    Desire (not love)

    Having a strong feeling of wanting or wishing for something, usually something  outside of yourself you believe will make you happy. 
    Love is not driven by such things as your personal needs, preferences, aspirations, social expectations, or external influences.

    Pleasure (not love)

    Love isn't feelings of enjoyment, satisfaction, or happiness that arises from a positive or rewarding experience.
    Love isn't eating a delicious meal, listening to music, or spending time with friends. 
    Love isn't physical, emotional, or psychological, and has nothing to do with the release of certain chemicals in your brain.

    3. Anything that arises in thought cannot be Real by definition.

    That which is real never changes. God ain't fickle.
    Remembrance, desire, and pleasure are based on thought.
    And if ain't love it ain't real.
    Love is the only Creative power in the world.
    Thoughts are the polar opposite of Love.

    Thoughts are...

    Fleeting: Thoughts are transient and short-lived, and they arise and disappear quickly without leaving a trace. They come and go rapidly, and sometimes you don't even notice them. 
    Unstable: Thoughts are unstable and subject to change depending on various factors such as your mood or environment. Your thoughts are influenced by your external stimuli or internal factors such as your emotions and memories. I'm sure you will agree that you've witnessed your thoughts shift rapidly both in intensity or direction without warning.
    Intangible: Thoughts are intangible and cannot be touched or physically experienced. They exist in your mind as mental representations of ideas, concepts, or experiences.
    Subjective: Thoughts are subjective and vary from person to person, depending on individual experiences, beliefs, and perspectives. What you think or feel isn't the same as what your neighbor thinks or feels.

    The best use of thoughts

    Reflective: Thoughts are reflective of your internal state, and can provide insight into your emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. They are a way of processing your experiences, making sense of your world, and formulating new perspectives rooted in Love.

    4. A relationship based on thought, however near or far, is based on remembrance.

    When you say to your husband, wife, child, or pet that you love them is that "love" not based on remembrance?
    Does that love come to an end?
    Does that love change in any way based on what a person says or does?
    Was that love born?
    Can that love die?
    Is love based on thought?
    Is love unconditional?
    Is love based on a body?
    Does that love depend on what the body is doing or saying?
    My darlings that's not love at all.
    Love is ever present.
    Love is here now.
    You don't have to wait but you will have to remove the blocks that prevent you from experiecing Love's presence.
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