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What Makes An Ideal Workplace?

    1. Free Coffee

    I'm not fussy, so it doesn't have to be good, but I hate paying for coffee when I'm at work.

    2. Free pens, office supplies

    Sometimes you want to take notes, and your workplace should make this easy and frictionless

    3. Natural light

    Windows to make the place seem less prison-like.

    4. Respect and Trust

    If you're in the workplace, you're probably an adult with a certain amount of education. Being treated like a school-age child who might goof off without constant supervision is for school-age children, not workplace adults.

    5. Relative quiet

    I'm not a big fan of open-concept workspaces. They're supposed to increase collaboration, but I still think the bulk of work is accomplished individually, and that's better accomplished without having to deal with cross-talk, gossip, or someone muttering under their breath about the printer. I'll take a cubicle over the open-concept, and now that I have my own office - I can tell you it's heaven.

    6. Communal area

    A kitchen or break room. Breaking bread regularly with colleagues can do as much for team-building as a dedicated event.

    7. Snacks

    They don't need to be free, but an occasional treat can brighten the day.

    8. A nice neighbourhood

    Ideally, if you step outside the office, you should be able to go for a walk.

    9. Culture

    #4 is the biggest element, but there are other intangibles to encourage, like accountability, teamwork, a stated common purpose or vision.

    10. Pay and Benefits

    The real reason you go to a workplace in the first place.

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