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I'm in love with my current designs.

I signed up for Amazon Merch On Demand (Thanks for the recommendations @DrFritzS .)

I'll be sharing with you all soon.

    1. Stoic Quotes

    I see so much bad advice out there. Facebook is full of minions telling you to 'Screw what others thing, do what makes you happy' (a quote I attribute to Adolf Hitler to show just how absurd it is.). Clothing is labelled with 'F. The Police' and the media pushes that everyone should be seen as a minority 'black man ____, lesbian woman says ____, White men more likely to ____, Trans-woman shocked when _____' I hate all of them. They all serve to make us view the world through lenses that hurt us and each other.

    That's why I decided to share better advice, advice that will lead to healthier minds and in turn healthier individuals and a healthier society. I've done this through my Facebook page, comics, videos and books. Now I want to take the next step and spread it through clothing and other merchandise.

    Most of the current designs I see are really basic and poor. As an artist I was sure I could do better. Providing not only a great msg, but stylish clothes you'd be happy to be seen wearing. Here's a small example of what should be available to buy soon.


    2. Copy

    I used chatgpt to write some copy.

    Introducing The Rocco Effect Clothing, a new line of stoic quote clothing with high-quality peaceful artwork! Our clothing line is designed to inspire you with thought-provoking quotes from some of the greatest stoic philosophers, while also providing a sense of peace and tranquility through our aesthetically pleasing designs.

    I'll share the rest when the products are ready to be sold.

    3. More sites

    The more places they are available the more sales I will make. Right? Maybe I can upload to other sites to help expand the products.

    4. Buy Canva

    £10 a month isn't much for something I use daily. Hopefully I make a lot more as a result using it.

    5. Save Quotes

    I should continue to save quotes for future tshirts. The more I design the higher the chance that someone finds something they love.

    6. Posters

    The designs would look great as a poster and serve as a daily reminder to be stoic.


    7. Copywrite my books

    I should have ChatGPT write copy for my books to help boost sales.

    The Rocco Effect - Set 2 -

    8. Film New Videos

    I could use ideas from previous lists for new video content. I'll wear clothing and use the videos as a way to advertise them.

    9. Comic-Con

    I could buy a booth and sell them at a convention. I think the designs would really be appealing for that audience.

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