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What or who are we willing to sacrifice today in exchange for a supposedly better tomorrow?

Here's a list of things that I'd sacrifice for a better tomorrow. I highly doubt a who will be involved, but maybe I'll surprise myself.

    1. Time

    We sacrifice our time when we work. We sacrifice time to learn. We sacrifice time to help others. It's the one thing we are always loosing, we may as well gain from this loss.

    2. happiness

    Eating crap and lazing about for a day, might make me happy in the moment, but it's a sacrifice worth making in order to live a happier future.

    3. money

    Sacrificing what we have today to buy something that will make us happier in the future is what money is made for.

    4. money (part 2)

    Investing money, is different from direct spending hence the 2 ideas. When we invest we sacrifice in the hopes of a better future. This is the first item that feel risky, but they are all risky. You may not get tomorrow, so is it worth sacrificing your limited time? You might do everything 'right' only to find out the science was wrong and it's actually made things worse for you, You might spend money only to be scammed.

    5. Helping Others

    Sometimes the best help is letting people suffer and releasing their actions have consequences. It's hard to watch them suffer, when you know you could easily stop it (for now), but in order for them to grow it's needed.

    6. Reputation

    Speaking your mind. Being truthful to who you are might upset others. It might harm your reputation, but it's best for your own happiness. Living a lie is the same as allowing yourself to be a slave. You're a slave to an imagined ideology ,is it worth it?

    7. energy

    We wake up with a set amount of energy. We can top that reserve up by eating/drinking ,but in order to get anything done we need to sacrifice some of that storage. Some sacrifices will lead to better outcomes than others (eg. exercise vs being lazy).

    8. sanity

    To allow others to be happy. What they do may drive you nuts ,but not allowing them will lead to them blowing up and causing a lot more trouble.

    9. certainty

    When you're willing to sacrifice always being right you allow yourself to learn and grow.

    10. Perfection

    Perfection is for the gods. Aim for perfection and be happy with good enough. Sacrifice perfection in order to reach completion.

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