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What other businesses could use the frequent flier rewards modell

    1. AirBnB

    When a host rents out an apartment, they can give a $100 Airbnb credit to guests who stay 2 or more nights. The guest then uses that credit to rent another apartment.

    2. MoviePass

    When someone sees two movies in the first month of MoviePass, give them two free movie tickets. They can then use those tickets to see two free movies.

    3. Dating sites

    When someone signs up on eHarmony, match.com, etc., they get $50 towards their first date (at a restaurant or coffee shop) and the person they go on the date with gets $50 off their bill if it turns into a second date.

    4. Book clubs

    When someone joins a book club, give them 10% off their first purchase from Amazon if they use the discount code from joining the book club. Then Amazon makes money and so does the book club.

    5. Subscription services like patreon or twitch or anything else where people pay monthly for content

    Give people rewards if they pay for multiple months in advance instead of just one month in advance. For instance, if I am a twitch streamer and I have 1000 subscribers and I am paying monthly for my server costs, give me free server space (or at least half off) if I am paying six months in advance vs one month in advance. This way you incentivize people to prepay instead of just one payment at a time as well as reward loyal customers who are supporting your business over time rather than just once per month.

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