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What professions or people are under-appreciated?

    1. Housekeeping/custodian

    Anyone who cleans up an environment for work (or even eat home).  It seems easy for people to just take for granted that the cleaning gets done.

    2. Restaurant Employees

    It almost seems like they get looked down upon by many members of society, but they have to multitask a lot of things so that people can get their food.  It also seems like some people feel justified in yelling at them if food comes out wrong or less than perfect.

    3. Nurses Aides

    Most employees at a hospital get mistaken for being nurses.  The aides/techs do a lot to help patients in the hospital including, but not limited to blood pressure checks, bathroom trips, mobility, ordering food/eating to name a few. 

    4. Checkout cashiers

    I definitely appreciate them way more after being forced to do self checkout a few times!

    5. Delivery Drivers

    As someone with a terrible sense of direction and a dislike of driving, I'm grateful for delivery.  I think the pressure and problems they deal with when there is a mistake is underestimated.

    6. Social Workers

    They do a lot to help people in bad social situations.  They provide more value than the pay and recognition would indicate.

    7. Police

    They are frequently made fun of and people don't like them driving behind them, but they are the first called in an emergency.  I'm grateful for the officers who have helped me.

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