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What radicalized you?

That was the question asked in a Bitcoin-centric Tweet from Dylan LeClair. The question is interesting to me beyond the Bitcoin implications. I take it as a chance to assess where we deviate from the mainstream of what people do or as I have described it, knowing where to be orthogonal to society.

    1. Moving up the corporate ladder

    That is a treadmill I mostly avoided. The grass is not always greener when you get the promotion you think you want.

    2. Opting out of corporate life altogether

    I feel like I paid my dues in my 20's, into my mid-30's at a couple of big companies and have been self-employed for about 20 years.

    3. Don't listen to what "they" tell us to eat

    Since the adoption of the food pyramid and statins, we are fatter and sicker. A lot fatter and much sicker. The reason couldn't be any more fucking obvious. The advice was 180 degrees wrong. Maybe the motivations for that terrible advice wasn't as conflicted by money as it appears, I don't know but it was terrible advice. Modern medicine can fix acute problems but not chronic ones.

    Eat meat, fish, eggs and cheese and lift weights.

    4. Lift weights

    You're never too old to lift weights. I see plenty of videos of women in their 70's and 80's deadlifting. Go check out @GrantSSC on Twitter for these videos, he owns a gym and has a lot of older clients. Bodyweight exercises can work too. It is important to understand that cardio won't build muscle and it is crucial to continue to build muscle to avoid frailty. Weightlifting done with the right intensity though can be a cardio workout.

    5. Get off the consumerism treadmill

    Too many people stretch to afford an expensive house while having two car payments. Life is so much easier when you are under-mortgaged and don't have car payments.

    6. Video games

    Maybe my beliefs here are odd but I think video games play a big role in the physical deterioration of young people. Kids are spending less time being active outside. That inactivity, as bad as it is for kids, might be worse for adults.

    7. Social media

    Is social media a rabbit hole of wasted time or are you able to be productive with it? It's all in how you curate your feeds. NotePD is an example of productive social media, TicTok strikes me as very unproductive except for maybe the Excel lady. Twitter depends on how you use it (I have good luck with it) and I have greatly curtailed my scroll time on Facebook, I pretty much don't scroll it anymore.

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