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What should Clippers focus to appear in this season Playoff

Ideas from a sofa expert.

    1. Add better point guard

    Ok, they added John Wall, let's see. But overall, LAC lacked a good PG for quite a long time. Reggie is a joke. Pat Bev was a joke as well. No shooting, no ballhandling, just occasional defense effort with no consistency. I really loved Lou, he had this curse of the sixth man for life, but he was consistent overall.

    2. Add all-rounded athletic Center

    Maaaaan, Zu is one of the most poorly working centres in my opinion. He has a lot of turnovers because of his pure grip and lack of lightning reflexes. He is slow, non-athletic. But they decided to keep him and get rid of Isaiah Hartenstein.

    3. Focus on consistent players

    Reggie is a starter but he lacks consistency at all. He has 1 ok game per 4. The same is for Luke. So, Tye Lue may keep tracking the most consistent guys on his team.

    4. Establish team chemistry

    I see all this smiling posts on their insta profile, all these hugging and etc, but I don't see this on the court. It's clear they are not having a good time playing ball together.

    5. Give some minutes to benchers

    On one hand it will help in finding consistent player, for sure. On other hand, it will fucking stop the deep benchers from shooting only threes ones they have their 2 minutes on court. Cause they are like small boys playing with some toy for the first time and just want to fill in this "thirst".

    6. Better perimeter deffence

    Cause man this is a new way of game now.

    7. Stop these useless acquisitions

    Everyone Clippers acquired the last years are no longer on the team. So what was the purpose? We are chasing some mediocre players while having money to add a top one.

    8. Find a proper starting five

    No comments. All these rotations gave nothing.

    9. Cancel this poor trash talk

    When Terence Mann dunks and flexes after, and this dunk is his 2 out of 8-9 field goal attempts it looks pathetic. Another example, Isaiah Hart blocking a 6-footer and then looking down with pride is simply ridiculous. Let's prove firstly we are not a team that someone can roast with the line "LA, home of 7 professional teams, and the Clippers".

    10. Don't be afraid to get wet in the paint

    While everyone is bombarding from the perimeter let's go oldschool. Let's make a show.

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