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What Should I Do With My Office Space In Downtown Orlando?

First off, this is a great challenge. So many people are dealing with this so thank you for posing it as a challenge. I will write some ideas but with the notion that most of them are bad and I also don't know your situation so I will post some extreme ideas.

In summary. If you can't get out of contract there's multiple-purpose uses of the space ranging from storage to micro-gyms to hotdesks to cloud kitchens, etc.

    1. Don't pay.

    I don't know your specific contract. But if you don't pay does he just keep the security deposit or does the landlord go after all the unpaid months.

    OR: can you work out a deal with him like this:

    He is probably having this problem with many tenants in the building. Can you figure out all of the below services and offer to help him convert his building for these alternative use-cases for office space. You can trade that service for your rent AND start a business of providing this service for office buildings in general. See all the items below but particularly Ideas 3-10

    2. Can you find someone to sublet it from you?

    Assuming you already looked at this but you can offer it at $1200 (or $1600 if you can get it) and save some money compared to the worst case scenario.

    3. Check out these 8 companies that are the "airbnb of office spaces" and maybe you can list your office on these sites: - this is the largest one.

    4. Not sure what you are zoned for but do you have a kitchen?

    Maybe you can lease it out as a ghost kitchen.

    This is the company started by the founder of Uber. He sets people up as Cloud Kitchens:

    5. Lease it out for one-day corporate meetings, presentations, meetings.

    can also contact meetups in your area and offer to host their meetings for a fee.

    6. Advertise it to Solopreneurs in your area that they can use it for meetings, etc.

    They might be too small for a need for a regular office but they might want to have a place they can have official looking meetings.

    7. Hotdesk it

    Slightly different from the "airbnb of offices" - maybe other companies in the area are too crowded in their office space and need to sit some people at empty workstations. Here's an article about it:

    8. Storage space

    Many companies have significant storage requirements on paperwork that they legally have to keep around. Offer your office as a storage space to other companies near you.

    Here's a company that does it but you don't necessarily need to do this through a company:

    9. Micro-gym

    Can you turn the space into a gym that other office workers near you can use? Again, you can probably do this without any help but here is a company that introduces personal trainers to office spaces to make them gyms:

    10. Micro-school

    Since Covid, many parents have opened their minds to home schooling. But often they need a classroom setting just to get kids to socialize or do group activities/learning/etc. You can reach out to homeschooling parents in the area and offer to host schools/classes.
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