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What should people do in the Airport

The best way to spent time in an Airport! (Bored edition)

What should people do in the Airport

    1. Making Idea list like this

    When you have time and in front of the computer, this app works the best and you get to exercise your idea muscle. Also you're bored and distracted.

    2. Reading

    What's better than looking down on your books that you know you will never gonna finish, but because of your new year resolution, you have to keep doing it.

    3. People watching

    Airport is the best place to people watch, cause people from all walks of life is here, and you can sort of just guess if one is rushing to the bathroom or trying to make their flight. But 80% of the time, people are getting drunk. lol
    Also, watching and betting if the person would make a big deal of people not wearing mask, or wearing too much mask.

    4. Working on laptop or iPad

    What's better way to tell the stranger beside you that you have your life together than working on a laptop when you fully aware that you can't get anything done. lol

    5. Drinking and eating

    Look, I get it, you have 8 hours flight, 10 hours layover, and 32 hours trips to get to where you want to get to. And maybe there will be baby on your flight. So you're just numbing yourself with food and drink to prepare what's coming next!

    6. Coming up with life stories. (This is only if you're single and awkward like me.)

    You know what they say, you find love wherever you go. What's better place to look for potential partner (as the woke people called it.) than in Airport? You stare at that one person, start thinking that they're perfect, and in that 10 minutes, you "live" your whole life with the stranger that you think is perfect, have kids, family, and everything you wanted. Until someone made an announcement in PA about masking yourself, and you snap back to reality. And then, you move on to the others, rinse and repeat. until you're hungry, and get more drinks.

    7. Look at the plane refueling

    You know, we always think refueling plane is just like refueling cars. You know how it would be, but you still want to see it, stare at it. It's like a mission impossible movie, you know Tom Cruise is in there, you know he doesn't want the job but somehow he still had to do the job, and there's women, sex and a bunch of Tom Cruise running on the roof, but you can't look away!

    8. Eavesdropping on others

    You're bored, you're tipsy, and hungry, and tired. But you're nosy. You want to know what happens to other people life, you are hoping maybe you get some good drama that's better than Game of Thrones, or you are hoping that they're someone famous, and you can get their autograph to sell it as NFTs.

    9. Shopping for your "friends"

    So, you went to somewhere nice, and you realize "HOLLY MOLLY" I forgot to get my friend a gift! and you just visited LA or Disney World. What's the best time to shop, in airport. Also, nothing scream a better gift that a "I "Heart" XXX[insert the location that you visited]". Right?

    10. Strike a conversation with strangers.

    If you're really bored out of your mind, do this. This would be the ultimate challenge. Cause it's the airport. Striking a conversation is like walking through a field that filled with landmine. You don't know what's their political view, you don't know if he's a "Karen" or a "Kevin". Or he/she/they/ze/zher is just judging you for not wearing 2 masks or more!

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