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What Should the Rules of AI be?

I think that it might be too late for rules already! In less than a year there are plugins that connect ChatGPT4 to the internet. That is what a lot of people have called "a bad idea"

What Should the Rules of AI be?

    1. Content should be tagged as AI generated

    This will probably not ever happen

    2. AI Ethics Board (AI generated)

    There should be a governing body that oversees the development and implementation of AI technologies. This board should be composed of experts in various fields like technology, ethics, and law, and should have the power to regulate the use of AI in different industries.

    3. AI Transparency Act (AI generated)

    Governments should pass laws that mandate companies to provide transparency reports on their AI algorithms. These reports should include details on how AI models are trained, what data is used, and how the output is generated. This will help prevent biased or discriminatory outcomes from AI systems.

    4. AI Education Programs (AI generated)

    Governments should invest in education programs that teach people about AI and its potential applications. This will help people understand how AI works and how it can be used to solve complex problems. It will also create a workforce that is equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities of the AI revolution.

    5. AI Impact Assessments (AI generated)

    Before implementing AI systems in different industries, companies should conduct impact assessments to evaluate the potential risks and benefits. These assessments should include evaluations of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of AI, and should involve stakeholders like customers, employees, and local communities. This will help prevent unintended consequences from AI systems.

    6. AI should not have direct access to money of any kind (including crypto)

    Unfortunately, this is a good use case for AI and DAOs

    7. AI should not be able to transact in investment vehicles covered by the SEC (stocks, options, futures)

    This has been happening already for decades

    8. AI generated content should not be published as "news" without being labeled as such

    I was aware of AI generated articles about baseball games over 12 years ago.

    9. AI should be prohibited from improving itself

    I mentally reference the Johnny Depp film "Transcendence" from 2014 a lot when I think about AI. That movie gets panned on Rotten Tomatoes but it really nailed a lot of things with AI.

    Unfortunately this is kind of how AI works.

    10. AI should have a new legal status similar to a corporation. They should be able to be sued and potentially terminated.

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