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What the pandemic taught me

How did I grow during the pandemic?

    1. Propaganda is everywhere

    When I was in China I saw videos of people fainting with COVID, people being dragged from the streets and placed into vans, houses being borded up. Was this true?  It was true enough to scare me anyway, I headed back to Scotland after a few weeks of dealing with COVID there.

    Back home we got flooded with just as much.  COVID spreads from surface to surface, so wash your hands.  Masks stop the spread.  Keep your distance to be safe.  But all of that doesn't matter if you're going to a BLM protest.  Surely if it was as deadly as they made out they'd stop the protests for a bit, right?

    Then we got flooded with propaganda that said race is important and we should turn our focus away from character and towards race.  Race seems to have become a huge issue out of nowhere, the current storys would never have been a thing a few years ago.

    2. You can't trust expert's

    They all disagree.  The only difference is if they don't agree with the main narrative their labelled in such a way that you discrete them before ever hearing there msg, disgraced scientist, former professor, anti-vaxer... 

    When I noticed this I stopped trusting anything.  They're telling us what to believe, not allowing us to think for ourselves.  I don't like that.

    3. Power mad

    Lots of the rules made no sense.  You have to wear a mask into a restaurant, but can sit for ages without one.  Does air not travel outside that 2 meter space around your chair?  Shouldn't we vacuum out bad air before allowing a new customer to sit?  

    Vax passport's, because even though they can still get/spread it it's ok?  Or where they lying and saying they couldn't spread it?  But If asymptotic spreading is a thing surely having it, even with the vax can result in a spread?

    Lockdown s despite a steady death rate for months, proof we had 'flatened the cure '

    4. Vax for kids

    The only people who needed the vax where the old and vunrable.  The one's where COVID was an actual risk to their health/life.

    Once they pushed it on young/healthy adults I was concerned, but when they pushed it on kids I got angry.  No need for that after a certain point the unexpected consequences from the vax outweigh the gain's.  This'gets higher the younger/healthier the individual is.

    5. Bad data

    I remember the subtle change from daily death's to daily cases.  Death's started to go down, so they talked about positive cases and as that started to lower they changed testing from when you show symptoms, to monthly, weekly, daily.  Suddenly the data show's covids through the roof, but it's due to a rise in testing, not in any way that matters.

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