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What Topics Raise Your Voice to Passion?

I probably raise my voice way too often. But here are some things that can ignite my passion.


    1. The gun debate.

    As an American, I am a firm believer in an individual's right to own a firearm. I'm perfectly content with folks who don't feel the same way. That's what personal freedom is all about. I won't try to impose my view on you and you do the same.

    2. Illogical arguments

    I love debate. I also enjoy the challenge of the Steel Man. But one thing that drives me crazy is when the arguments are not based on logic.

    3. People who are wedded to ideas that are factually incorrect.

    We are all entitled to our own beliefs, and points of view. I don't believe we are entitled to our own facts. Facts just are.

    4. Conservationism vs. Environmentalism

    5. Scientific Discovery

    Humanity needs to keep asking questions and pushing boundaries. And being willing to admit when we're wrong.

    6. Personal Liberty

    Although I don't identify as a Libertarian on the political spectrum, I do tend to weigh most decisions in favor of personal liberty and freedom. For those who like the concept of "Don't Tread on Me"; it is equally important to follow that with "And I Won't Tread on You"!

    7. Personal Responsibility

    The flip side of the Liberty coin. If you want the freedom, then you get the responsibility and consequences of your actions. Good or bad.

    8. Tolerance

    Another two-way street. Or at least it should be in my opinion. I will do my best to be tolerant of that which I don't agree with or understand. But please be tolerant of my ignorance and lack of understanding as well. Hopefully, we will both be better off.

    9. Better stop here.

    I'm alone in the house as I write this and I can still feel myself getting upset. So a good time to stop and post. I sincerely hope that I haven't upset anyone else.

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