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What were your worst experiences at jobs you worked at?

My worst was helping the special police diffuse a bomb in the mall I worked at for minimum wage.  I had to stay on the public address system with the potential bomb in the mall and communicate with the customers.

    1. Special Police at the Mall

    2. Working for a phone sex company

    3. My first job

    I was fired for sleeping on the job

    4. A temp job where I had to sit in a cubicle and answer phones all day pretending to be a representative of a company that sold insurance policies to hospitals. It was hard to fake enthusiasm when answering questions about hospital insuranc

    The worst part about being fired from temp jobs is you have to go back across the street with your tail between your legs (or bus) and tell them you were fired again.

    I worked there maybe 6 weeks before they found out I was sleeping on the job (it's not easy).

    I got fired from another temp job in 2006 working at a bank stuffing envelopes with checks going out to customers who had accounts there.

    They caught me reading magazines while stuffing envelopes (you can only do one thing at once when stuffing envelopes).

    I don't think they knew how broke I was then but they should've known because it's pretty obvious if someone is wearing their last pair of pants or has holes in their shoes or something like that. When you are poor you wear everything until it falls apart and then you buy nothing until you can afford more stuff.

    5. Temp jobs are hard because

    even if you are good at whatever it is,
    if someone higher up doesn't like your vibe, or thinks someone else might be better, or thinks this might look good on their resume, etc, then bam
    You're gone
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