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What will be possible when computers are 10 times more powerful than they are right now?

What will be possible when computers are 10 times more powerful than they are right now?

    1. Customized medication

    Combining blood scanning and testing and advances in manufacturing custom capsules will be created for your specific issues

    2. Augmented reality will be common in industry

    Food orders will overlay reality in a restaurant. Maintenance procedures, and checklists will be part of every manufacturing facility.

    3. Telepresence will be more realistic and more widely used

    From robotic surgery to police surveillance you will be able to see and do things far from your physical location

    4. Holographic 3d displays will be more common and better quality

    Combining and enhancing augmented reality

    5. Entertainment and education will be created in real time by LLMs and similar

    “Create a first person shooter game” “read a bedtime story about Kevin and his dog Spot“ “show me a 5 minute presentation about the Rings of Saturn”

    6. Self learning machines will exist

    The singularity will happen some time in the next 5 years

    7. High speed internet connection will be so inexpensive and ubiquitous it will be like electricity today

    8. There will be at least one war that is explicitly fought about computing power

    This may be related to perceived inequalities of computer systems or the amount of power necessary to run them.

    9. Creating text will be a fluid interaction with speech recognition and auto complete

    We are getting there quickly

    10. The first trillionaire will exist

    And they will have earned their money from something that does not exist in 2024

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