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What would make a good twitter ceo?

Elon is looking for a replacement. What skills should he be looking for?


    1. Profit minded

    Do they know how to draw a profit from twitter?

    Subscription model - pay to use. Blue check.


    Polls - companies can ask questions and get a wide range of answers.

    Content creators - pay people for generating content.

    WeChat - Elon spoke about an 'Everything app'. Add new features and make money off them. Qr scanner for easy money transfers (take 1p from every £100 sent.). Companies could pay to be part shown on app (trains, heating, WiFi, mobile data ect.)

    Merch - twitter could open a merch store and make money from that. Alternatively they could allow users to sell merch and take a cut from their sales.

    Beta testers - pay to use new features before everyone else.

    2. New features

    They need to be constantly trying new ideas. Not all will work, but when they do they'll bring more users and generate more ways to make profit.

    Vine - bring back videos. Push that tiktok has ties to the Chinese government and that this is a safer alternative. It also allows for more advertising. New features can also be added to this.

    Folders - save your favourite tweets /threads into folders for later. Beta testers might pay to use this feature before everyone else.

    Location based trending - If you're at an event you can use your location to talk to others about what's going on their. It allows for fast updates, getting to know others at event and finding out what's going on.

    Clipboard - how often do you retweet the same thing (a joke. Quote. Video ect) I know I do. What if there was an option to scroll down and pick your goto response from a list of options? This action is kind of bot like, but when you have the perfect response, why change it?

    3. Ruthless

    You need someone that will say no when needed. FBI - could you do X for us? CEO - no. Elons been good at this and we'd all like to see this style of leadership continue.

    Call out wrongdoings - I've enjoyed the twitter files. I'd love to see more.

    Troll - Who doesn't love a troll response?

    Polls - letting the public decided on big decisions. Not everyone will agree, but this way people will be less angry at the actions taken.

    4. Forward thinker

    They need to see what the Internet will be like in 10 years and build towards that.

    Crypto - could new features be built upon a blockchain? Could crypto transfers be done on twitter? Could NFTs replace profile pics. Or at least allow for an option to do it /show that it's an NFT.

    More power - What could be shown with higher download speeds? Videos, music, games?

    Smartglasses /VR- there's a big push for VR to be the next thing. What could twitter do in order to be no. 1 in that field? As you watch a TV show tweets about it could show up on your glasses (similar to a Breaking News bar).

    5. Teacher

    They need to be able to teach those working under them how to make decisions. Many give people rules to follow, which works most of the time, but it stops growth. Creativity comes from venturing outside. Teaching how to do this will spark rapid growth.

    Process >Destination - install a mindset that rewards a good process rather than finally results. This will push people to try crazy ideas and venture off the safe and predictable path.

    How you make decisions - Teach others how you make decisions and you'll have less work to do yourself. If they're able to justify decisions, in a similar way to you they should be let off with 'bad' decisions.

    God - with a good understand of how you think /react you become a God. You're always at the back of their mind stearing them towards your vision.

    6. Bonus

    What if we elected CEOs for a year? If they do a good job we can reelect them, if not someone else gets voted in (Elon can provide the shortlist of people).

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