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What would you want in your dream home?

I already own a home, and it's pretty close to what I imagine a dream home would be, so I already have some of these things and would want them in any future home I might live in. I'm not saying this to brag--I'm not even a millionaire (yet). Maybe I just have low standards :)

    1. Not too big

    I used to live in a townhouse that quickly became too small for our family of five. Then we had an opportunity to move into a huge 5,000 square foot house. It's a bit too big for us, and let me tell you, "Mo' square footage, mo' problems." Big houses are a headache to maintain. I want a house that's just the right size.

    2. Lots of walking trails nearby

    You could have the most beautiful home, but if it's in the middle of an industrial district, well... that sucks. I want to feel good about stepping out of my house and immediately going jogging or walking my dog.

    3. A big yard (that's easy to maintain)

    This is more for my dog than for me. I once saw a sign that read, "I work hard so my dog can have a better life." So true.

    4. A big kitchen with an island and ventilation hood

    I love to play chef in the kitchen. My family spends much of our time hanging out in the kitchen. We eat cook and eat almost all of our meals together. A good kitchen is a must.

    5. A private office

    I've been working at home since many years before COVID-19 made it fashionable. I work primarily at my computer (like I am now). I have trouble working when other people are in my room or watching me work. A private office is a must.

    6. A snow-melting driveway

    I hate shoveling snow and de-icing my driveway. It would be nice if I could just flick a switch and all the snow and ice will melt.

    7. A tankless water heater

    My parents have an old water heater that's so gunked up that people can use the shower for about 15 minutes before the water gets cold (okay for two people, but not okay when five people are lining up to use the shower). A tankless water heater solves these problems.

    8. A gym

    I go to the local neighborhood gym several times a week. But it's always a struggle to get there before they close after putting the kids to bed. If only I had a gym inside my house that's open 24/7... maybe I wouldn't have a Dad-bod.

    9. A tower

    Whenever I'm traveling through a rich neighborhood where people get to custom-build their mansions, I get jealous whenever I see someone with a round medieval-style castle tower. That would be so cool to have a tall spiral staircase leading up to some kind of a wizard's study. I'd put a huge crystal ball at the center just for fun.

    10. A server room

    I was a huge computer nerd back in the day. I still am, to some degree. I'd always thought it would be so cool to have my very own server room running my websites, hosting websites of paying customers, and (in the current day and age) mining bitcoins.

    11. BONUS: A rooftop terrace

    I just thought of another one. A rooftop terrace! I've toured open houses with these, and it's so cool!

    12. Uno Mas: A baseball field

    Okay, I can't resist. Here's another idea. I'm a lifelong baseball fan and I love the movie Field of Dreams. My dream house would also have a full-fledged baseball stadium on its property. I'd probably have to buy a minor league time to put it to good use, but otherwise, I'd have it all to myself.

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