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What would you want in your dream home?

    1. Master Plumbing Control Room

    All water coming into the house or from the hot water source first goes to a master board before being routed. Each line has a valve for easy off/on.

    2. Passageways dedicated to utilities.

    Plumbing, electric, and Ethernet trunk lines are run down passageways for the entire length of house.

    3. Access Panels

    All hidden junctions, corners, and endpoints for utilities have access panels. You can either work on or see down straight runs from the access. Nothing is stapled except where accessible by panels.

    4. Internet Down Warning Light

    I have considered really doing this one. Blinking red light if the internet is not accessible. Steady red light if the house network is down. With large explanatory text labels under the light and possible auditory warnings when lights are on. Prominently displayed where everyone can see and hear status updates easily.

    5. Dog washing stations with warm water and warm air hoses for drying.

    6. Metal Roof with programmable LED visible to pilots at 10000 ft.

    7. Pneumatic Tube Messaging between rooms and floors.

    When the computer network goes down (see #4) everyone can send messages by canister like at the bank drive through.

    8. Builtin Air Compressor for inflating car tires and pool toys.

    9. Indoor, underground 50 yard gun range next to secure gun room.

    10. House is two story insulated cement dome.

    11. Dedicated Mad Scientist Lab

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