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What would you want in your dream home?

    1. A room for everyone in my family to find a personal space there, in case they need it.

    I think everyone needs time for themselves, so this house has to be able to provide this to my family.

    2. Barbecue zone.

    I like grilling. I like the process, I like the smell, I like starting a fire, and I like to make some marinades for the meat.

    3. Recording studio.

    This is a no-brainer must-have for me. I want to have an option to experiment with the sound, record it immediately in top-notch quality, listen to it, then repeat until the desired result is here. Also, I would like to provide recording space for my friends as well.

    4. Display room for drum stuff collection.

    I like everything about drums, cymbals, and hardware. I have a lot of snare drums but only one drum kit, that's because it's really hard to find a space to store it for now. I really wish to fix this. Also, the wall or even the floor might be covered with all drumsticks I have (the wall would e better :) ).

    5. Basketball court.

    I really want my own spot to calmly shoot hoops during sunrise and sunset. Also, teach my kids someday.

    6. Swimming pool with countercurrent.

    It's just something to start. Cause it will take not much space in the back yard but will serve for the main goal: swimming exercises. However, a proper big pool would be great as well. To chill there after the barbecue.

    7. A small family cinema.

    To watch a new movie each Wednesday and Christmas hits each winter.

    8. Workshop.

    I would like to work with wood. Maybe start crafting drums or drumsticks someday.

    9. Tree house for kids.

    I will make a great headquarter for them.

    10. Garden.

    A few bonsai trees, some fruit trees (cherry or apricot), lemon trees, and maybe some rose bushes.

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