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What's the first thing you can do in the morning when you wake up besides checking your phone?

I don't have any special insight here. Wake up time is a perpetual fight between modern thoughts of making the time useful and beneficial before starting to work and old school "get the F out the door." No clear winner yet, and no particular order.

    1. Put on my slippers

    Because of a lingering case of "loose Lego syndrome."

    2. Tend to the Pets

    Feed the cats and dog. Let the dog out (gotta be careful as the bear has been around in the early AM), and give her her medicine.

    3. Get a Nap

    Don't have to be awake until 5am, but wake up between 3:30 and 4:30am. So I set an alarm, and try to doze off. Not the best, but it has become a (bad) habit. And is usually when one of the cats wants to be pet. Can be easily overridden by #8.

    4. Drink some water

    Because hydrating. Usually with a bit of lemon juice and sea salt. Had tried a couple of powdered morning mixes, but far, far too pricey for no results.

    5. Check In Here

    Read the feed. Make note of, and possibly start, a list or two if so inspired.

    6. Get Cleaned Up For The Day

    And put on either creme or Salon Paz patch(es) for the various pains.

    7. Wake Up The Kid

    He's got a 5:30am wake up, which takes until after 6am sometimes. If I wake up late from the AM nap,. that's what I do. Going now... (P.S. - did it, but he's not downstairs yet. Ugh)

    8. Think / Worry

    About what's going on, what I need to do, and such. And I did make a to-do list at the end of the day yesterday. This is part of why I am up so freaking early.

    9. News

    Not often, but sometimes see that the world is still there. After all, if it isn't then that changes things...

    10. Gratitude / Meditate / Etc.

    If I can defeat Think / Worry, I do these.

    11. Don't Exercise

    The body takes a while to sort out and wake up, so I don't force it.

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