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What's the first thing you can do in the morning when you wake up besides checking your phone?

I don't manage everything, everyday, but if I manage a few I know the days off to a good start. 

    1. Focus

    I look around the room and name what I see. It reduces the thoughts in my head to a singular thing. 


    I list off a few things I am grateful for. 

    To do 

    I think of something I hope to acomplish today 

    2. Lift

    After I leave bed I lift my weights. It doesn't need to be much, just enough to get my heart beating. 

    3. Open blinds

    And let the sun hit my body. Doesn't take long until I feel fully awake. 

    4. Read

    I make myself some coffee then read a chapter of a book. 

    5. List

    I like doing them after I wake up. Doesn't always happen (like today), but if I get my list done early I don't need to worry about it for the rest of the day. 

    6. Cold Shower

    After my normal shower I'll shift it to freezing then man it out for a few minutes. 

    7. Extra

    What else could I do? 

    Talk to someone - I'm not a big talker, unless in person. Maybe I could send a random msg and get back to them later in the day. It's a start. 

    Work on a project - I think I'll work on making my Popeman idea into a comic. I'll finish my first draft soon, then I can rewrite it, before working on character designs and stuff. 

    Affermations - I've heard they work, nothing to lose. Maybe I should try them. I Rocco Desta am a millionaire. 

    Plan for the future - think of what I can do today that will move me closer towards my life goals. 

    Dance - listen to some happy music and dance. Start the day with a smile. 

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