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What’s Your Perfect Day?

Get up at 8am, spend time with my dog, make breakfast, walk my dog, have a bath, write my book for two hours, go to the gym for an hour, come home and clean up myself and the house and make a protein shake, go back to do writing, video, media marketing for two hours, go out for dinner with interesting people, plan out my next day and watch inspirational videos and learn something new from a book. Go to bed at midnite.

If we can have one perfect day, we can make a point to have another, and fully step into this practice regularly.

Tell me what your perfect day looks like.

    1. Get up at 8am,

    2. Spend time with my dog,

    3. Make breakfast,

    4. Walk my dog,

    Writing time! This is the only part of the day I am writing in this list. I want to see how much of my "perfect day" I can actually do.

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