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When you have some time, sit quietly. (1 min 35 sec)


    1. Take a look at yourself.

    2. Do you like what you see?

    3. Observe the Monkey Mind.

    4. Notice how often you enjoy revisiting the past.

    5. Notice your attachments, your fears, and the things you constantly feel guilty about.

    6. Notice how quickly your thoughts come and go like tides in the ocean.

    7. Notice how your anger and upset are associated with what another body is doing or what another body is saying.

    8. Notice how often you wish things were another way.

    9. Notice how often you pursue things in the world that don't ultimately make you happy.

    10. Notice how easily you are triggered by words alone.

    11. Notice how much you cling to your body and the bodies of others.

    12. Notice how often you try to get your way.

    13. Notice how often you feel superior or inferior to another.

    14. Notice how quick you are to attack or defend a position.

    15. Notice your unwillingness to question your reality.

    16. Notice how often you place the wisdom of another above your own.

    17. Notice how little time you are willing to devote to truth seeking.

    18. Notice how much you complain.

    19. Just observe, without judgment.

    20. For the minute you judge anything, you're not seeing clearly anymore.

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