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Where Weed Man Went Wrong

    1. Going Door-To-Door

    This was unpopular in the 80s, and now we live in a time where we work from home, meaning you're interrupting my work day. We're also still fresh off a time when we couldn't meet friends for a cup of coffee, so guess how I feel about strangers at my door?

    2. No information on the spot

    Rather than handing me a pamphlet, they promised to call and read my quote to me over the phone.

    3. The Phone???

    They tried a half-dozen times to reach me a few days (!) after visiting. I was often already on the phone, in a virtual meeting, or simply too busy to talk to them. Phone calls require both parties to be free at the same time, which is why I find them annoying unless they've been scheduled in advance - with say, an email or text.

    4. Phone Part 2

    In addition to the above reasons, there is an overabundance of scam phone calls, so I tend to only answer calls from my contact list, and even then I have to *really* like them.

    5. "Did You Receive Our Text With A Link?"

    Nope. And if I had, do you think I'm idiotic enough to click a link I get in a text?

    6. Customer Problem #1: I Don't Care About Lawn Care

    So they finally reached me when I had a little time and wasn't feeling like I needed to be doing something else. I took the call and started listening to the spiel - which was long and didn't get to the price for several minutes. She started talking about a bunch of steps and potential problems they would avert that don't sound like they are genuine concerns... but to be honest my eyes started glazing over instantly... I think she said "moss removal"? Is moss a big problem? So she's not going to really get me to believe in the value of the service in the first place.

    7. Customer Problem #2: I'm not invested

    I don't know much about lawn care; I used to mow it myself, but we were paying a guy to do it for us in our old neighbourhood, and my wife took care of paying him. I don't think he did any chemicals, which we're pretty averse to anyway. I'm too lazy to do much myself, but the bigger problem is...

    8. Customer Problem #3: I'm Cheap

    I'm sure my expectation of what lawn care by Weed Man would cost wasn't realistic, but there's no way I would pay what they were asking. I don't like a bare or brown/yellow front yard, but I do like money in my bank account.

    9. They Weren't Even The Only Lawn Company Going Door To Door That Day

    When the Weed Man rep rang my doorbell, I didn't have the energy to reject him so I listened politely and accepted getting a quote via phone. When another dude showed up an hour later, I simply said "No Thank-You" like I should have with this ridiculous business.

    10. We Actually Have A Gardener

    In our first week of being here, a guy came and said he used to do the hedges for the previous owners and the neighbours - I'm not sure if he does lawns and I think I lost the business card, but I"m pretty sure we won't need Weed Man.

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