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Which event caused a complete behavioral change in your life?

I'm going for a list of 10 in no particular order, no matter how 'big' or 'small'.

    1. I decided not to ask for help.

    This is something I've written about at great length on other forums. The summary:

    As a thirteen year-old struggling with violent thoughts, I made a very clear, internal decision one day that 'no one else would understand, was like me, or could help me', and that I would NOT ask anyone for help with this challenge - no matter what.

    This led to almost ten years of various kinds of unhealthy behavior such as: lying, concealing, self-medicating, hiding, procrastinating, and more. Of course, those behaviors led me to get into trouble in various ways.

    Ultimately this decision shaped, in large part, who I am today for the better, as I was forced to work my way through these issues in the decade that followed, repairing myself emotionally, mentally, physically, & spiritually.

    We need to go through whatever our soul needs us to go through, even if that's painful. So I don't regret it.

    Instead I choose to use it as fuel for my passion to help others.

    2. I spent some time in a psychiatric hospital.

    Recovering from the lowest point referred to in #1.

    My time here opened my eyes to two major things:

    1) That my decision not to ask for help (#1) was incorrect & based on faulty logic.

    2) That other people could not only understand my suffering, but that their relative level of suffering could be far worse.

    3. I was adopted.

    Not an event that I took a direct hand in, but, certainly shaped my life in a major way.

    4. I was born.

    This is different from #2. I'm simply pointing out the possibility that we choose to come into the world (in a very specific form, time, & place) for a reason.

    5. I asked my wife to marry me.

    6. The birth of each of my 2 children.

    7. I decided to do Robb Wolf's 30-Day Paleo Challenge.

    This was a milestone (in 2007) in they way I ate & approached nutrition for the rest of my life. I haven't eaten gluten since, for example.

    8. I decided to enroll at my first nutrition coaching school.

    IIN class of 2017

    9. I participated in Seth Godin's altMBA

    Class 39

    10. I started my daily blog.

    This was in 2013, and I haven't missed one day of posting since, so, that's a big behavior change.

    In addition, this led indirectly to many other positive changes & connections.

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