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Which event caused a complete behavioural change in your life? Being called out for being a whiner

When a friend pointed out that I was a whining git who always repeated the same self pitying crap in conversationĀ 

    1. I started a city and guilds course on excel spreadsheets to improvey skills

    2. I brought about improvements at work through my new excel skills

    3. I started to organise events for my group of friends, which were not about going to the pub

    4. I took up Karate not long after just to become for and disciplined

    5. I expanded my network of freinds

    6. Instead of whining I set about helping others I offered solutions

    7. I was no longer prepared to be the victim

    8. Later I realised that I could reach out for real help. I could go out to professionals and not just whine down at the pub

    9. I prioritised my spending I wasn't just going down the pub. It's why I organised events for my group of friends

    10. I was more discerning about the advise I got and by not having a self pitying attitude I realise that advice at 11pm when you are half cut is not a good idea

    11. I listened more and talked less

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