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Nicola Fisher


Which event caused a complete behavioural change in your life?

    1. The day I left my first marriage

    I was only married briefly. 11 months. It made me very wary of relationships and I decided I was happier being single which I was, more or less, until I met Chris. I concluded that the wrong relationship was far worse than being single. I'd always enjoyed my independence (I was an only child), it enabled me to do things that I couldn't do if I was in a relationship. I prized my independence and it would take a lot to relinquish it.

    2. The day I met Chris

    Living with a blind man is very different. In many ways it's about compromise and caring. I've been happier in my relationship with Chris than anyone else. We clicked and we fit together. We are very happy. He gets me in a way no-one else has. I think it works because it's not run of the mill. I think I'm a bit quirky and possibly eccentric and wouldn't be a good fit for most people, and I'm happy with that. (See above).

    3. The day we moved to Derbyshire

    We started a completely new sort of life. A life where we live in a separate world, in the country, in community. It suits us both. We love being part of this world.

    4. The day my Mum died

    I was 49 when my Mum died. It was, in hindsight, the catalyst that put me on this path. My Dad and I bought a house together. I changed jobs. I worked with a client. That work led me to the event where I met Chris. My Dad died just as my relationship with Chris was beginning. Chris and I got married. We sold the house. We moved to Derbyshire. The story continues.

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