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Which Premium Idea List would you like to see on NotePD?

    1. The art of savage comebacks

    I've had some rare occasions when I've been directly insulted by someone in social settings. And I just did not know how to respond. I have yet to master the art of making witty comebacks like Kevin Hart or Bill Burr.

    A system of how to make a comeback and a list of situation-specific, insult-specific, or general responses.

    2. Guide on dealing with difficult clients, stakeholders and bosses

    For example, they don't know what they want. But they are happy to tell you what they don't want.

    You have a client stakeholder or boss who makes a request. You painstakingly take notes and validate your requirements on the call. You build what they ask for. But it's not what they want—then they make you run through multiple iterations. It's like they can't accurately articulate what they want. It seems like you must mind read to know what exactly they want.

    3. How to make a great premium list that sells

    • What are the best topics?
    • What is the best price point for the premium list?
    • What are the most people would be willing to pay for the premium list?
    • What are the different types of products to create?
    • How do you market premium lists outside of the NotePD community?

    4. Effective networking on LinkedIn: Getting clients, getting a job

    • What are some things you could offer prospective clients or companies: ideas, code, etc.?
    • How to research your prospect's problems and worldview so you can tailor your ideas and solutions for them

    5. Valuation of Data Quality

    This is an obscure topic, but it's tough to financially valuate data in an organization, especially with all the downstream impacts of poor data quality. I have read a lot about evaluating "information as an asset" but not data.

    Can you create a system and formulas to assist a business in calculating the financial value of its data?

    6. Best practices on any topic / Design Patterns

    • Project management
    • Coding
    • Design
    • Process Automation

    7. Data Science insights

    Using commonly available data, find fascinating insights about human behaviour and questions people ask about but have not been adequately answered.

    8. Business Ideas

    • These could be validated and up and running.
    • Some could be cutting edge with a small window of opportunity because they could be overrun by competition.
    • A new regulation or world event could create an opportunity for new business.

    For an upcharge, you could provide a step-by-step guide to launching this specific business.

    9. Mind Hacks/Life Hacks

    10. How to break into your career/industry/hobby

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